I’m a Reading Teacher! :)


It’s official! (Well almost…) I got the call yesterday at 3pm. My interview was at 1pm and they called me at 3!!! As of the upcoming school year, I will be a 7th grade reading teacher! I start on August 10th for new teacher orientation with the district. I’m just waiting for everything to go through HR and for them to call me next week to let me know what paperwork needs to be done.

I haven’t taught in middle school before so I’m a tad bit nervous but a lot a bit excited! I had 3 interviews prior to the one yesterday so I had some practice. It made me feel relaxed and more confident. One job I turned down, and the other two I won’t hear about until next week. Guess it doesn’t matter anymore! 🙂 I feel as if a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

We have been staying at my moms house until I find a job. Our lease was up July 16th and we had no idea which district I would be in for the upcoming school year. Being just married, unemployed, and living at your moms for two months is not ideal. I feel like it must be more uncomfortable for my husband because it’s not his family we’re living with and I have two little brothers who can get obnoxious.

I am so thankful for this job. I loved teaching 2nd grade last semester but my passion is for reading and middle grade/YA literature. It was meant to be! And I loved the reading coordinator and my principal when I interviewed with them. They seemed very laid back and friendly people. They’re trying this new interactive style with the reading and writing classes (they’re split) this year and the coordinator asked me if I would be comfortable coming to school dressed as a book character… Of course, I respond with:


But really, does that not sound like fun? Maybe it’s the inner theater nerd in me.

I also need to give a thanks to my mom. She helped me find the position. She was job hunting online at the crack of dawn every morning for me. It just so happens that this new position is at her school. She’s going to be a newbie too. She’s their new librarian/technology specialist.

If anyone out there who blogs about education or is a teacher, I would love some tips and/or advice about moving from elementary to secondary. Or if you just know of some cool reading activities or projects I would love to hear about them! I’m thinking about implementing an Interactive Student Notebook with my reading classes. I’ve been researching via blogs and Pinterest for ideas. Those seem the most organized way to keep everything together. But the idea of first creating and coming up with everything in it seems a little daunting as well. I’ve never bought anything from my Teachers Pay Teachers account (I just used the free things usually) but I think I’m going to have to start purchasing some good materials just so I am prepared.


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