Teacher Resources for Reading


I joined NetGalley today!

I thought, not only as a teacher, but also as a book blogger that this would be a good thing to join. I hear you can request ARC’s on here and review them? I’m super excited about that! Does anyone else have much experience with NetGalley?



I’ve also been hooked on Common Sense Media since my mom told me about it! She’s going to be the librarian at the school I’ll be working at this year and she’s been teaching for almost 20 years. She’s full of good resources! Common Sense Media allows you as a parent or an educator to check out book ratings. You can see how appropriate they are, what reading level they are on, and there’s usually reviews about the books. This has helped me pick out so many books for my classroom library!



5 thoughts on “Teacher Resources for Reading

  1. I’d say be mindful of how much you’re actually able to keep up with the requested ARCs. I went on a clicking spree and got approved on more than I thought I would and wasn’t able to finish all of them before they got archived (thus my NG % plummeted). You’re basically balancing these future publications with existing books you’ve been dying to read! But it’s still a wonderful platform to use so enjoy the reading opportunities!

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

  2. I’d definitely balance what ARCs you read with what you want to read – don’t just read a lot of ARCs in a row because you’ll regret not keeping up with personal reading. NetGalley is great though; I’m a big fan!

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