And so it Begins…

I started professional development trainings this week. My mom wasn’t kidding when I was growing up about how boring they are. Sure, some of them are interesting, when you’re actually learning something new and not listening to the same thing being repeated over and over.

I just want to get to work! I want to start planning with my team. I want to be in a routine already. I want to not feel like I’m about to rip my hair out by the roots! I went and worked in my classroom a little bit today and I felt a little bit better after that.

My principal and assistant principal sawed off an end to a bookshelf from the library and made me a double-sided shelf. It’s humongous and I love it. I don’t even have enough books to fill one side yet but I’m getting there! It was so gratifying just to get it together and to get my books on display. It made my room feel much homier. I’m surrounded by books at home and they’re make any ol’ place my happy place. It was so satisfying to arrange them how I wanted too. I have all the series put together and it’s beautiful. I’ll have to post a picture tomorrow.

Anyway, embarrassing moment of the day was when I started my FIRST EVER STAFF DEVELOPMENT for my FIRST REAL TEACHING JOB any my mom (who happens to be the librarian at my school) took over my role in our team building exercise and basically made me look like a child. I know! “She’s your mother” but maybe this is one of those things that people warn you about working with someone close to you. She didn’t even realize it at first. I just looked at her all mortified like. Hopefully, none of our other team members noticed… Hopefully. She called and apologized later… while stifling some giggles. The thing about me and my mom is that she had me pretty young, which basically means we treat each others as siblings half the time. If you have a young parent or you had your child young you probably know what I mean. She always explains it as, “Well we grew up together.” Which is so accurate and hilarious at the same time.

But that was my first day at staff development. I told her she couldn’t be on my team tomorrow! Tomorrow is 7:30am to 4pm. Bring on the coffee drip.


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