Professional Development on Grading and Fairness

Yay! I was approved for my first NetGalley request for a book. I just started reading Cage of Deceit by Jennifer Anne Davis. It’s the first book in her series and so far kind of reminds me of The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke.

It’s about a girl named Allyssa who is from a higher rank in society. She is also a vigilante by night. But in the midst of all of this her country is facing an oncoming war. She finds herself having to sacrifice what she truly wants in order to marry a Prince from another kingdom to keep the peace. The prince has his squire follow Allyssa around, whom she is not too fond of. Together, her and his squire must try and save the kingdom.

Right when I walked through the door after training today, I went to my computer and downloaded this book. My brain feels melted after professional development. We learned a lot of great things today from our guest speaker Mr. Rick Wormeli. He discussed points from his new book, Fair isn’t Always Equal. It’s about grading in the 21st Century and how we should be doing it differently than we are. For example, we should be giving the kids positive/constructive feedback in order to get students  where they need to be versus giving them a letter grade and leaving them behind when they don’t understand the lesson. And that it’s detrimental to their confidence when you just give them an F and tell them that they are a failure. He was also very strongly against giving class averages. Which I can see from an independent point of a student or parent view but I think in order to look at your teaching strategies later on the different standards, and to see if they were effective, you need those to go off of. Even if it’s just for the instructor and not the students.

Oh my goodness, and he showed us a great video about connecting with the world in the 21st century and how the internet is actually DISconnecting us by forcing us to lose intimacy and conversational skills with other people. It’s called The Inner Net,  It’s really cool because it’s in street poetry. It’s also showing how a student can complete a project this way instead of the ol’ pen and paper method. Some kids need more of a creative outlet and some thrive better that way.

Unfortunately. I didn’t get to do much in my classroom today. I will get about 3 hours to do so tomorrow though. I need to finish cleaning out my desk and labeling bins and what not. One day I need to go buy some fabric and posters for my room but that’s probably going to have to wait until I have a paycheck. We’re still paying off some of our wedding and honeymoon shenanigans.

On another exciting note, I have a friend completing a bookish questionnaire for me later today and I will be posting it later 🙂


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