The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige


“She had been both good and wicked and everything in between. She had been both at once, too, until it was hard for her to even tell the difference anymore.”
Danielle Paige, The Wicked Will Rise


Amy Gumm struggles with figuring out who she is in this second book to Dorothy Must Die. She is stranded alone with Princess Ozma, who is still internally fighting her other persona Pete, after The Order’s fight against Dorothy and her minions. Amy must find all the items the Wizard told Amy she needs to defeat Dorothy while putting back together The Order…if she can find them all. They’ll have to depend on unlikely allies like the Monkeys and the Rainbow Princess Polychrome in order to make their way across Oz.


Paige has done it again! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was just as fast-paced as Dorothy Must Die. She’s constantly having to fight for her and Ozma to survive. I really liked how you could see all of the characters relationships strengthen in this novel. Amy feels a sense of Ozma and believes in her. She can see that she’s coming back to herself. She bonds with Pete, but there is also a little mistrust that blooms between them.

You also see a softer side to Knox. You find out somethings about his past. It’s almost as if he is suffering from PTSD after fighting his way through the Darkness or void that The Order was stuck in. You also see him get jealous when it comes to Amy and the ever-beautiful Bright. He even gets his feelings hurt a few times!

Amy is on a journey of finding herself in this book. She has to face a wise Magdril, the Fog of Doubt, Dorothy, the Monkeys, Mombi, Glinda, her past, and the Wizard. She struggles internally (and physically) the effects of her magic. She knows that she has some wickedness in her. The question is, will she accept it? Or will she pretend that it’s all for the better of everyone else? I think this is the theme of these books. Showing how accepting your true self is better than pretending to be someone else, and stepping on other peoples toes is not right.

The one thing I wish for this book is that it had been a little longer. It was quite a bit shorter than the first one and I think there could have been more in the ending. It could have gone more in depth I guess. But I still give it 4.5/5 stars for being awesome. These books always surprise me with how dark they are. They’re based off The Wizard of Oz so you wouldn’t expect it. I know the titles foreshadow the darkness but it’s still based off the old story that everyone knows and loves! There’s no murdering in Judy Garland’s version! I don’t think the fact that these books are dark is necessarily a bad thing. I think it takes YA fiction to a whole new level that most authors are afraid to go.


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