3 Day Weekend for Fair Day

I so needed this long weekend. Teaching is great but it’s a never ending job. Teachers never work 40 hours a week. NEVER.

Friday is always my “catch up on TV I missed during the week” night. My husband and my best friend/roommate were working late so I came home after school and watched Awkward, Scream Queens, Vampire Diaries, Teen Mom, and Finding Carter. I was a total couch potato and it was awesome. I made dinner in between and just relaxed.

Saturday was Educator Appreciation at Barnes & Noble so I talked Ricardo into going with me and Tab. We got free coffee, posters and pencils for our rooms and signed up for different teacher giveaways that Barnes & Noble was hosting. We took papers to grade and bought the new Rick Riordan book Magnus Chase: The Sword of Summer. I was going to buy the new illustrated Harry Potter book but it was $40! That’s a little much for me. I’ll have to get that one later.

Oh! And Barnes & Noble did a Blind Date with a Book for teachers. It was the first time I had ever participated in that. They wrap up all different kinds of books and just put a brief description of the plot on the front of the book and you have to decide on a book based off the plot without seeing the title, cover, or author. And you get them for free! Is that not the coolest thing you’ve heard of? I love nerdy book things like that.

Here’s the before. Mines the pink:


And here are the books we got with our free coffee and passion tea! 🙂


She got the Dead to Me novel and I got Dream a Little Dream. I think the cover is gorgeous! I’ve seen this book before. I remember walking by it once and the cover making me think of the 80’s movie Dream a Little Dream with Corey Haim and Corey Feldman.

Today was Sunday Funday of course and we went to the State Fair of Texas. It’s one of the biggest fairs in the country. If you like fried food you should definitely go. Each year the State Fair of Texas comes out with a new food to fry. One year it was Coca Cola, another it was friend Oreos, then fried butter, this year it was fried carrot cake and cheeseburgers. It’s amazing the things you come across.

We started out with a huge turkey leg and funnel cake with apples. For lunch Tab and Ricardo had pizza and I had nachos. I should have taken a picture of my achos because the chips were shaped as the state of Texas. So cute!

And of course, Tab and I had to get our faces painted! We stood in line with all the kids and I’m sure the other adults thought we were crazy. But face painting is one of the best parts of the fair! I’m pretty sure Ricardo was embarrassed!



We got there pretty early and left after almost 4 hours of being there. It got super hot in the afternoon and we were stuffed on fair food. Unfortunately, I got a pretty wicked sunburned on the left side of my body. Super attractive! I know! It will eventually turn into a nice tan, right?

We have the day off in my school district tomorrow. Tomorrow is technically our Fair Day. I’m spending the day getting my nails done and driving to my grandparents to see them for awhile, and catching up on some reading of course. It will be nice to relax on a Monday! 🙂


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