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In a world she never knew existed, Maya is coming to terms with how much her life has changed. Danger lurks around every corner, nothing is as she expects and she’s never felt so alive. But the choices she makes could change everything and jeopardise the things she cherishes most. There is so much to learn and so much to love but her heart is pulling her back. The Guardians are hiding in the shadow cast by their Wall, concealing the truth from the people inside. It’s a shadow that darkens her happiness and she can’t stop fighting until the truth comes to light. It would be easier to walk away but Maya has never run from anything and she’s not about to start now.


I cannot stop reading these books. Chained and Linked are two of the best books I have read this year. I have fallen in love with all of the characters. Coal, Maya, Taylor, Laurie, Alicia, Hunter, etc. All of them. Even Crystal! Even though she’s hard to love.

This installment of the Cage of Lies series was even more action packed than the first book. Coal and Maya and the gang meet all kinds of people on the way to the city to save her parents. They run into the Creeper King again, Barlow and his crew of bandits, and the horsemen. The have a few new group members helping them get to the city as well. Crystal, Gregor, Luca, and Adam all have their own dark pasts and quirks.

They face new struggles and dangers that lurk in the wilderness. Some of the dangers, those outside The Wall like Coal’s group have never even com across before.There were so many adventures in this one book! The setting changed a lot and the group expanded, new bonds were formed. It was great. If the next book doesn’t come out soon I’ll have to reread these to get my fix.

I am so impressed with Valenti’s skill. She has truly woven an enchanting, whirlwind adventure. Reading these books make me want to go out and learn survival skills and how to be tough like Maya.

I like how gritty this series is. There’s nothing pretty in it. *Except Coal’s muscles. Those sound pretty hot.* Everything is survival of the toughest, and most determined. Which surprisingly turns out to be tiny Maya half the time. The tiniest are always the toughest though! They have more to prove.

I love how I thought the book was going to end one way and Valenti threw a curve ball and sent it a completely unexpected direction. I MUST READ THE NEXT BOOK. They suspense is driving me mad. I enjoy when writer’s do that, throw you off the trail and what not. I don’t think I could do it. I would get so invested in my characters that I would get too attached to them that I would be afraid to take chances. Knowing that I think that way makes me really appreciate brave writers.

I think readers of any dystopian stories would enjoy Valenti’s books. She takes the whole survival aspect of a dystopian world and takes it to a new level. The plot to this series is so amazing due to all of the rising actions building up to the climax. In a way, it’s like the reader hasn’t even gotten to the main climax yet. Hence why I’m sitting on my seat and getting ready to run straight to the next book as fast as I can. It can’t get here fast enough.

You can find Valenti here 🙂

You can find Linked here 🙂


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