Fifty Shades Darker by E. L. James

Goodreads Blurb

Daunted by the singular sexual tastes and dark secrets of the beautiful, tormented young entrepreneur Christian Grey, Anastasia Steele has broken off their relationship to start a new career with a Seattle publishing house.

But desire for Christian still dominates her every waking thought, and when he proposes a new arrangement, Anastasia cannot resist. They rekindle their searing sensual affair, and Anastasia learns more about the harrowing past of her damaged, driven, and demanding Fifty Shades.

While Christian wrestles with his inner demons, Anastasia must confront her anger and envy of the women who came before her and make the most important decision of her life.

My Review

Well, I read the first one so I had to read the second one too, right?

I enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey, if only for the Twilight parallels. I tried hard to like this one as well. But a lot of the dialogue in this book was sooooo repetitive. YES YOU LOVE CHRISTIAN, YES YOUR “INNER GODDESS IS DOING THE HOKEY POKEY, YES YOU’RE CRAZY AND INSECURE…. WE GET IT!

The dialogue, Ana’s thought process, it’s like I read the same line throughout the book a million times. I did enjoy the bit with Leila in it. It added a little more depth to the story but it ended there.

In the end, you see the thoughts of Ana’s disgruntled ex-boss who has been fired from SIP because he was getting creepy and frisky with Ana. He’s obviously pissed at Christian and Taylor for beating the shit out of him and causing him to lose his job and at Ana for rejecting his creepy ass. But it didn’t fit! Nowhere else in these books does the perspective change from Ana to another character. Not once. I get that James wanted us to know something was going on with Charlie Tango, but his whole point of view felt really out of place. I wish it could have been better blended into the story.

It felt as if James were trying to leave the reader with a cliffhanger but it wasn’t necessary. When Christian finally makes it home from his helicopter crash in the book you hear the insinuation that it was someone tampering with it so I think the readers already got the hint.

And of course, Ana is moving too quickly with Christian and accepts his marriage proposal. OF COURSE! Because that is how their entire relationship works, and I guess if they did anything correctly it wouldn’t fit the story line. But man! Slow your roll Ana! You just graduated college 2 seconds ago.

The only reason I continue to read these novels are because of how crazy they are. They are literally crazy and awkward and that halfway makes them interesting to read. It’s very weird knowing the story is set in Seattle, Washington but everything sounds like British in your head. The dialogue and Ana’s train of thought do not “sound” American. James uses a lot of British diction.

I’m not sure I will read the third one. At the time being, I’m not interested in knowing how Ana and Christian story ends.


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