Ms. Marvel and Lumberjanes Comic Books

Ms Marvel

Ms. Marvel is the first comic book I have read since college. For awhile during my third year at Texas State I was obsessed with The Walking Dead comic books. My roommates boyfriend had them all and he would let me borrow two or three at a time. I’m not sure why I liked them so much because they are very dude-ish. Maybe because that’s when I got hooked on the show.

I picked up Ms. Marvel and Lumberjanes at our school book fair this Spring. I was seeing them all over Instagram and the covers are hard to pass up. And who doesn’t love Marvel Comics?

Synopsis and Review:

Kamala is a teenaged, Muslim girl living in Jersey City. She writes Fan-Fic (of Fan-Feek as Ammi calls it!) for the Avengers, and they talk about the Avengers as if they’re real people in the Comic of course. Kamala really struggles with figuring out who she is. She feels as if her parents are raising her as if they live in Karachi and not Jersey. She wants more freedom and independence. She wants to be able to do all the things the other teenage girls are doing in Jersey.

So she wishes that she could be more like Captain Marvel one night after she has snuck out for a party. A mist takes over the city and she has a vision of some of the Avengers telling her she’s about to get what she wished for but that it won’t be what she actually wants.

Kamala can now turn into the blue eyed, blonde Captain Marvel. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. She’s not getting any credit for saving the day! And her parents are just not understanding this double life she has to live.

But Kamala refuses to give up. She is serving justice to Jersey and for the first time she feels as if she has a place in the world. But she has not faced her biggest trial yet as Ms. Marvel… The Inventor is coming after her.

I give this comic 4/5 stars. I really like Kamala and Bruno, for that matter. I’m just not sure about all the weird Sci-Fi robots coming from the Inventor. And I want Kamala to accept who she is and be proud of herself! Maybe in the next one.


Here’s a picture of Pancakes recuperating with me after my ER visit. She likes to read too 🙂

I finished reading Lumberjanes yesterday afternoon. I originally learned about this comic when I was researching Nimona, which I don’t actually own but would like to one day. I really like the graphics in this one. They remind me of cartoons I used to watch when I was little.

Synopsis and Review:

Anyway, Lumberjanes is a total girl power book. It’s about a group of friends at a summer camp where they earn badges for different survival skills. The HBIC of the camp is named Rosie and she’s a little eccentric and adventure seeking. She approves of this cabin of girls because they’re daring and nothing scares them, at least not Ripley!

They come across these 3-eyed foxes in the woods and follow all of these clues to figure out what’s going on in the forest. It’s almost like an all-girl version of Scooby-Doo mixed with the girl camp from The Parent Trap. They battle river monsters, tattooed Yetis, poison ivy, zombie girly-boy camps, and decipher booby traps all in search of the Holy Kitten.

I am really excited about the next one. I want to know what happens when the boy camp attacks again. They don’t have a prayer against the Lumberjanes. I gave this comic 4/5 stars as well.


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