Game of Thrones Season 6

I read these books back in college. I began watching it as my parents were finishing the first season. As soon as I finished the last episode, I went to Hastings in Tyler and bought the first book and second book. I think the first season was the closest to the story in the book. It was pretty much identical minus a few small things here and there but the plot was essentially the same.

The second season is where the writer’s of the show, Weiss and Benioff, began changing the plot a little. Maybe to fit the elaborate story into a 10 episode season? I don’t know but I’m not too mad at them. The story is just as entertaining as the one in the books.

When my friends who aren’t avid readers ask me if there are any of the books they can skip and just begin reading I usually just recommend skipping the first one because they are so similar. But really I think everyone should read them because they’re so fantastic!

I was a little apprehensive going into season 6… Mostly because The Winds of  Winter us not out, but also because I haven’t heard if George R. R. Martin is helping much with this season. If he is, is he going to give away how the book goes? Or are they going in a completely different direction?

To be honest, I’m still patiently waiting for Catlynn to come back in the picture. And Coldhands! Where is Coldhands??? He’s one of my favorite characters. And is the other Targaryan going to pop-up like in the 5th book? Why are they leaving his character out? It was the juiciest part!

If anyone knows any of the answers to these questions please let me know!

I think the writer’s definitely seem like they are winging it a little more. The episode from this past Sunday seemed a little rushed like they were trying to tie up loose ends. I don’t want it to end but the GoT seasons always feel too short and we have to wait a whole year for them to come back on. I guess because they’re so elaborate. They are one of the only shows that pull off the Fantasy genre off. Often times, it can be cheesy if it’s not done well but everything they film is amazing. And I love all the characters. Even the bad characters I love to hate. There’s none that I think should be left out or killed off.

I bawled like a baby last Sunday when they showed Hodor’s character history. Poor guy. He’s so sweet and loyal! He didn’t deserve any of that. It was heartbreaking.

Obviously this season is going to end in all out war across Westeros. I just they don’t end the season when it’s just beginning. The suspense will kill me!


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