Love, Tanya by Tanya Burr

both tanyas

I have been following Tanya Burr on Youtube for several years now. Probably since 2012, my last year before I graduated college. I was a little late to the whole Youtube/Vlogger game. My best friend, Tabatha, always know about these things before I do so she is usually the one to introduce me to them. She showed me beauty bloggers on Youtube like Tanya Burr, Zoe Suggs (Zoella), and Ingrid Nilsen. Many of them since 2012 have expanded their videos to travel vlogs, baking videos, and DIY crafts for your home.

birthday goodies

(Picture of my birthday present from Tabatha before I opened it. And one of my cats, Pancakes, guarding them!)

Hands down, Tanya Burr is my favorite. I love watching and reading about her and her husband, Jim Chapman, who is also a Youtuber. He focuses on mens fashion and lifestyle vlogging. They have a cute little house in England in the city. They live with their tiny, Dachshund Martha. They have lots of friends whom they film with. Some are Youtube stars and some are just friends they’ve had since before Youtube.

Sometimes they travel to the US for different events and conventions but usually they are in England or traveling around to Greece, or other beachy areas. If she ever hosts a meet-up in Texas I’m so there! Come hell or high water!

In Love, Tanya she covers everything from her childhood, beauty, fashion, her struggle with anxiety, her cosmetics line, her relationship with her husband Jim, traveling,  how to be successful, baking, etc. Really it has everything! I couldn’t put the book down because I’ve loved watching her videos for years and I feel like I know so much more about her now.

She seems like such a genuinely kind person and has been so successful because she refused to give up. If she wasn’t happy doing something she still took that job and learned something positive from it and moved on to the next thing! Everything has just been a stepping stone to get her where she is today. I really felt more positive after reading Love, Tanya. 

love tanya

(Isn’t the birthday card great? It’s almost the best part. ALMOST. She also got me some of the new Lush jellies. Ones a citrus wash and the other one is cinnamon smelling and you’re supposed to use it after you work out because it’s tingly. I’ve only used the blue citrus one so far. And there’s a body butter lotion bar in the tin that also smells amazing.)

What’s unique about the book is that she’s added in Notes pages for the reader to record their thoughts so that you’re really interacting with the book. For example, after she talks about her childhood she lists 10 songs that remind her of growing up and then she has a page for you to list 10 songs that remind you of your childhood. There’s pages where you can write down your goals, beauty icons, memories, etc. I love it! I haven’t actually written in mine yet though because I feel like it may tarnish it if I write in it. It’s a great coffee table book! There’s lots of pictures and differing topics.

Ricardo then gave me Tanya Bakes. I think the first recipe I will be trying from there are her avocado brownies or her salted Nutella cookies! They look soooooooo good! I keep telling Ricardo he has to get me a red Kitchen-Aid now that he got me Tanya Bakes 😛 A girl can try right? Maybe my next birthday!


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