Bookish Interview with Mallory!

Hey guys, this is Mallory. A friend of mine from middle school! We both grew up in Texas and became friends when it was cool to wear jelly bracelets and listen to emo punk bands like Story if the Year and Green Day (early 2000’s). This was back when it was cool to watch The Crow and doodle “It can’t rain all the time” on all your Five Star Notebooks. Here are Mallory’s responses to my interview:
Where is your favorite place to read? 
By the pool.
What are some of your all time favorite books? 
To Kill a Mockingbird
Memoirs of a Geisha
The Divergent Series
The Notebook
What was your favorite childhood book and why?  
A Fly Went By Mike McClintock edited by Dr. Seuss
My mom read it to me all the time and I have read it to every class I have ever taught!
Who is your favorite author and why?  
I love Poe because he is so dark and disturbed. I am not sure what what says about me LOL.
I like Nicholas Sparks because I love a good love story as cheesy as that is.
Where is your favorite book setting? 
Any where in the South!
What would you say is your favorite literature genre? 
Realistic Fiction
If you could change the ending of one book, which book would it be and how would you change the ending?  
In Dear John he would not die in the end and she would be with him.
If you could choose one literary character that you identify most with, who would it be and why? 
Oh gosh, I have no idea.
Have you ever read a book that you hated? If yes, which one? 
Harry Potter, too much fantasy and I couldn’t even finish it. I will watch the movies though.
It’s dress-like-a-fictional-character day at work. What fictional character do you dress as? 
Viola Swamp ( from the children’s book Miss Nelson is Missing!) because I like to pretend to be a mean dictator teacher. hahahaha

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