Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs Film Adaption Review


I have so many mixed feelings about this movie. If I look at it without comparing it to the book I enjoy it more. But if I look at it from a book lovers point of view, I’m disappointed. This is one of those book to film adaptions where they just made stuff up. Kind of like the Game of Thrones TV show. To it’s credit, is still awesome but can be a hard pill to swallow for those of us who want to stick with the real plot line from the novels.

Release date: September 30, 2016

I’ll start with the things I disagreed with from a reader’s perspective:

  1. Why did they make the movie so goofy? The book is serious all the way through! Make it humorous took away from the creepy tone of the story. That was probably the biggest qualm I had with the film. It changed the whole atmosphere! And it made the story awkward when they tried to be serious. The beginning felt like they were going for the tone of the book but once they introduced Barron’s character it was all downhill from there.
  2. The ending was completely made-up. Not even in the same ballpark as the actual ending. The carnival was cool in a way but why? I would have enjoyed the actual ending better. And the way they took down the Hollows felt silly, and campy. In my opinion, it took away from the story and the creepiness of the Hollows.
  3. A weird mixture of campy humor and morbid- Okay. The Hollows eating eyeballs in the movie was totally gross and morbid. Which is what I was expecting since it was directed by Tim Burton but the humor was over the top and dumb.
  4. Grandfather lives!- No he doesn’t! Not in the book! That ruins the entire point of Jake growing into the person he becomes. I think in a perfect world that would be wonderful if his grandfather could somehow be alive but that takes away from Jake’s personal growth. Too far fetched. How will Jake decide to join the children in the loop if his grandfather is still alive and well?
  5. Character switch-ups – They changed soooooooo many characters. Be it ages, abilities, or plain ol’ added some in for funsies. The twins aren’t really in the book. They’re mentioned but you don’t really meet any twins they stay around until the second book, and it’s not that set. Emma. She is the pyromaniac in the book, not floater girl. That should be Olive. And Enoch and Olive having a relationship was kind of strange seeing as the two of them are actually supposed to be little kids in the book. I really enjoyed Fiona’s character but her and Hugh were supposed to be older and have a thing for each other. The invalidity of that bothered me. I guess they just decided to switch it around. And don’t get me started on Dr. Golan. She was definitely supposed to be a man.
  6. Where is the museum curator and the Old Man??? I love anything that has to do with history or paleontology so I thought those two aspects of the book were the most interesting. Where did they go? And why? I hate that they left the two of them out. The curator was a major character.

Things I loved about the movie:

  1. I loved several of the characters. I thought they were spot on from the book. Those being: Miss Peregrine, Jake, Emma (even if they changed her ability), and Jake’s grandfather. I thought he was perfect!
  2. The setting – I loved the island and the town. It was exactly how I pictured in the book. It was beautiful and I want to go there!
  3. Overall aesthetically pleasing – The entire film was beautifully made. From the costumes, to the setting, to the colors. Everything! Tim Burton is just awesome. I love him. I think he was the perfect person to direct the film.

I can’t tell if they are going to make a second film or not. I think they left a few loose ends in case they make enough money but I think they also wrapped most of the conflict up in case they don’t get the chance. I would probably go see the second movie because I love the books and Tim Burton. But I have to go into it as just a movie goer and not a person who has read and loves the books.


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