I’ve decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month in November. Or as much as teaching will allow me. Some nights I just have to come home and shut off my brain. I’ve already entered in the NaNoWriMo website and created a page for the novel I will be working on. Maybe we should call it a short story. My goal is to actually be able to finish this story out. I’ve started lots of stories. I started a YA story two years ago, this one a couple of months ago, and a children’s book in my college creative writing class. But I have never actually finished any of them.

This one started out as fanfiction based off the TV show Reign but recently I went back and changed quite a bit of it. It’s kind of taken on it’s own life now. I didn’t get a whole lot written today but I did get some. I’ve ben trying to get a head start since I know there will be some nights in November I am too tired after work to write. And because we will be going to the East Coast at some point next month to visit my husbands family so I will probably be busy then too.

But I thought I would try out the beginning of my story on here to see if I get any feedback. And let me tell you, it truly is a rough draft. Like I haven’t poured hours editing it or letting anyone read it yet because up until this point it’s just been for fun.

NaNoWriMo Story

Thomasina focused on her foot steps. Each step drowning out the uproar of the crowd that had gathered around the palace, each breath more labored than the last, and each step from the carriage pulling her further from the life she knew. She was not weak. Though she could not look up, not from the gut-wrenching fear she felt. But from the sorrow of leaving her past behind her.

“Be brave”, Millie, her nursemaid had whispered to her as she closed the carriage door. Millie had been her only support since her mother had died from an unknown illness 3 years ago. Mina was a grown woman in her own right, 16 but had learned to be brave, and independent at age 13 when her mother left her. Her father had always been a cruel and indifferent man. Her mother told her he had not always been that way, that it had been gradual.

Be brave, those words resonated within her over and over from the carriage ride, to the ship sailing roughly overseas to here… the Malendaez Palace.

This foreign land should feel like home away from home. She had spent many a summer here as a child with her mother. Malendaez had always been a refuge for her and Queen Tessa, far away from her father. Instead it felt like a frozen prison in a faraway land. The friends she thought she would find in this distant place would no longer be here. Many of the young girls she played with as a child were visitors to Malendaez in the summer months as well or they had already been married off to neighboring lords and dukes. Only ghosts. Ghosts of childhood, memory, and maybe a few ghosts of a happier time lingered here.

Father had not even fought for her. Had not even tried to keep her at Smithehaven. He had merely signed the agreement document his chancellor had laid before him, not a trace of grief on his face. Not an ounce of remorse for shipping off his one and only child, his daughter,  to her future husband that she had not seen since she was nine years old. Eight years without communication is a long time. A person can change, life can change.

Chancellor Damon had always disliked Mina. He attended to the king as an errand boy when he was young and worked his way up the ladder over the years. In more ways than one, he was more of a child to King Laraby than Mina. He had spent almost every waking moment with the King since he was a child. So of course Damon jumped at the opportunity to get rid of his opponent without a second thought. Mina would officially be out of sight, out of mind now.

To say Mina was apprehensive about this marriage alliance would be no understatement. No she had nothing against the prince but you cannot love something you do not know. The two had grown up together merely because of chance and their mothers friendship. Not out of choice. From what Mina remembered, Castian had been a silent child. Afraid even of merchants in town to look his direction, lest he be forced into a situation where he had to speak to someone or make eye contact. This was not a characteristic King Albert envisioned for his. In the kings mind, a prince, or king to be should be proud and charismatic.


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo

    • Hi Linda, thank you so much for the feedback! I really do appreciate it. It was a tough decision for me to post an excerpt because I’m always afraid of what people will think. I haven’t written any horror yet. I’ve only tried my hand at young adult, middle grade, and historical fiction. Maybe I should try horror next! 🙂

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