The Nethergrim by Matthew Jobin

the nethergrim.jpg

Goodreads Blurb

The people of Moorvale put their faith in the legend: The knight Tristan and the wizard Vithric, in an epic battle, had defeated the evil Nethergrim.

That faith is shaken when livestock go missing, only to turn up as piles of bones. But it’s when a group of children disappear that they know for sure: The Nethergrim has returned.

Edmund’s brother is one of the missing, and Edmund knows he must do something to save his life. But what? Though a student of magic, he struggles to cast even the simplest spell.

Still, he and his friends swallow their fear and set out to battle an ancient evil whose powers none of them can imagine.


I give this one 2.5/5 stars. It was a slow start but I got into it by the middle of the book. I enjoyed the high fantasy genre and it reminded me a little of Lord of the Rings. The main character Edmund was really hard to like until the end of the book. In the beginning he just seemed weak-willed and not a leader. But he eventually grew as the novel went on. And I feel like he grew for the right reasons. Not just for the fame and glory or catching The Nethergrim.

I think I would like a prequel to this book better. I enjoyed all the stories about the knight Tristan, the wizard Vithric, and of Katherine’s father, John Marshal in his youth. I enjoyed it more than the actual plot line.

It threw me for a loop how the forst half of this book is completely middle grade level. But then once the second half of the book starts it gets a little more graphic, therefore seeming more Young Adult. I think it just seems more like a kid book in the beginning, the characters, the description, all of it… and then BAM! There’s gore and blood and all kinds of dark morbid things going on. It just didn’t seem consistent. It made hard to get through because my mindset had to change halfway through it.

I’m not sure if I’ll purchase the second book, The Skeleth. The Nethergrim definitely ends on a cliff-hanger but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I wish I had more to say on this book. I loved the cover of it and the whole high fantasy aspect of it but it left me feeling confused.


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